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Enjoy value added features along with single insurance policy for commercial fleet!

Getting commercially fleet under insurance always remained a cumbersome job. Hired vehicles are prone to damage and accidents, and one also sometimes can raise a doubt about how well maintained they are. They are generally more prone to losing their sheen over time due to the daily negligence. This makes fleet insurances dearer with time.

Problem of plenty- different policies for individual cars

The problem with a commercial fleet is majorly this that there are plenty of cars included, each of different nature, size, purpose and make. However, having individual policies for each of them makes it a greatly complicated affair. One has to remember the exact dates of renewal as also the different modes to do so with various insurers. In fact, there has to be an officer dedicated for this job all the year round. This also leads to some extra bit of expenditure for a company owing to the extra manpower required.

Instead, a single policy for all the fleet can do wonders. It can reduce the number of renewal dates to a single one, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated manpower for the purpose.

fleet insurance72Single policy for the whole fleet!

One policy for a whole fleet insurance is difficult to find as only a very few firms offer such legacy, like http://insure-flee.co.,uk. Here, one can insure all types of vans, trucks, multi-facility vehicles and taxis under a single policy. This makes it extremely easy and desirable for the commercial fleet owners. The policy premium may vary according to the extra features that one may desire for, like windscreen protection, number of previous claims, drivers’ records and ages and whether a comprehensive or a third party coverage is desired. But by any means, getting these policies remain far less cumbersome than having individual policies for each type and model of the cars in the fleet.

Value added services on offer

There are many value added services that are on offer with the car policies at http://insure-fleet.co.uk, making them even more attractive. The Fleet insurance policies here also include:-

  • Training for drivers for clean license.
  • Risk assessment of the fleet.
  • Installation of vehicle tracking, immobilisers, alarms and dashboard cameras.
  • Secure overnight parking for vehicles.

To know more about these policies and the unique features, one can get in touch with experts through the website at any time of the day. The experts can throw a lot of light on various queries that may crop up in the mind of the fleet owners.