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Getting Ready To Go Back To School

With the holidays drawing to a close, it means that it is almost time to get back to school – not something everyone looks forward to. Going back to school means that in addition to kids having classes and homework, you have to organise their supplies, get lunches and arrange for transport. Here are some suggestions for how you might get ahead this year in preparing for the start of school.

Drawing up schedules

Yes, schedules may change once the school year starts, but for the most part you will know what time your kids have to be in class, what time they finish and what extra activities they might have. Start drawing up a schedule for each member of your family and start cross checking for overlaps and conflicts. Have a chat with your kids about how many activities they might be doing this year and if schedules look too full consider asking them to pick their favourites and drop something they are not really looking forward to. You can now use these schedules to organise transport, arrange for carpools and even to set up other things like doctor’s appointments and visits to the dentist.

Back to school shopping

Going back to school also means that you need to check on your kid’s school supplies and clothes. Kids grow fast and will often need new shoes and will likely insist on updating their wardrobe a little. If shopping for shoes consider then buy descente running shoes online.


It is important that your kids have a good quality back pack that evenly distributes weight as it will prevent them from getting back, beck or shoulder pain. In addition, get them a large ring binder that they can store their notes, homework and other school work in. This will mean that they have fewer books to carry to school each day.

 You may find great deals for trusted Le coq sportif shoes online and ordering online will save you the trouble of going to the shops and having them try on hundreds of pairs. Let kids choose three or four other clothing items that they want but stick to buying them the basics like jeans, socks and striped t shirts. You will also need to buy school supplies. New notebooks, pens, pencils and perhaps even a new back pack.

Other tips

Some other suggestions to make heading back to school easy is to do lunch prep early in the week. Chop up portions of vegetables and even meat – think chicken or ham – and portion them in little containers or bags. Add to a lunch box as needed throughout the week. Leftovers also make for great school lunches the next day!